Henryuan Group UL certificates of switching power supply/charger

 Do you want to import switching power supplies or chargers to the North American market? If so, you will need to ensure that them meet the necessary certifications and standards required for these markets. Henryuan is a leading switching power supply and charger manufacturer that has obtained the certifications required to these markets. 

 For the US market, UL or ETL certification is a key requirement. they have the scientific testing methods to evaluate product safety and performance.they are a seal of product safety and quality recognized by manufacturers, retailers and consumers in the United States, Canada or other American countries and regions.

 For Henryuan, the necessary certifications for exporting to American countries include American UL certification or ETL certification. This means that henryuan's products have been rigorously tested and meet the necessary safety and quality standards required in these markets. This is critical to building trust and credibility with dealers, retailers and consumers in these areas.

 Henryuan is one of the companies that has obtained the certification required to export chargers and switching power supplies to the U.S. market. Its American standard battery chargers and switching power supplies have obtained U.S. UL certification, verifying the quality and safety of its products. As a result, Henryuan was able to establish a strong presence in the North American market and capture significant market share.

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