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As a leading manufacturer, Hengruiyuan Group provides high-quality, efficient, and safe LiFePO4 battery chargers.
Henryuan LiFePO4 chargers feature advanced safety mechanisms like over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit, and reverse polarity protection. The intelligent 3 stage chargers with constant current, constant voltage and trickle charging mode, perfectly and automatically matches the battery status. They are suitable for various applications, including robotic chargers, portable power station, floor scrubber chargers, electric skatboard chargers and electric wheelchair chargers, Henryuan's chargers are versatile and reliable.

Available models include 7.3V, 14.6V, 29.2V, and 58.4V chargers, catering to different battery needs. Henryuan exports its certified products to Europe, United Kingdom, the US, Canda, Japan, Australia, Korea, Japan and more, ensuring compliance with international safety standards CB, UL, FCC, PSE, CE, SAA, UKCA, cUL, KC, CCC. 

Henryuan Group’s dedication to quality and safety makes it a trusted partner for LiFePO4 battery charging solutions, meeting diverse voltage specifications for various applications.Find more LiFePO4 battery chargers through the links below:
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