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Henryuan's 24V lithium battery charger is designed to enhance your battery's performance and safety of charging. These advanced 24V lithium chargers feature a user-friendly charge status indicator and a compact design. The 3 stage smart charging system ensures efficient, safe charging, protecting against overcharging.
These 24V lithium battery chargers include advanced safety features like short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, and overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, ensuring your batteries are always safe.
Our chargers maximize efficiency with the latest energy conversion technology, reducing energy loss and environmental impact. Built with durable materials, they offer long-lasting reliability.
The charging voltage is 29.4V, suitable for the 24V lithium battery pack. These high-quality chargers support various applications, including hoverboards, electric bicycles, two-wheelers, outboard motors, portable power stations, UPS systems, floor sweepers, electric mowers, LED lamps and other 24V lithium battery powered equipments. Available models include 24V 29.4V chargers with outputs from 0.3A to 10A.
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