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3S 12V Li-Ion Battery Charger | 12.6V Lithium Battery Charger | by Henryuan | Wordwide Certificates:CB, UL, cUL, FCC, PSE, CE, emc, LVD, UKCA, SAA, KC, CCC

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality 12V lithium battery chargers in China, we proudly offer products that prioritize efficiency, safety, and longevity. Our advanced 12.6V lithium battery chargers are ideal for 3S 12V lithium battery packs and provide various current strength options from 0.5A to 20A to meet diverse charging needs.
Key features of our 12.6V lithium battery charger include:
  • High Voltage Accuracy: With a tolerance of ±0.2V, our chargers protect against overvoltage, preventing battery damage.
  • Stable Constant Current Charging: Prevents over-current charging, extending battery life.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Short circuit and reverse polarity protection ensure safety and prevent fire, with the charger resuming normal operation after resolving issues.
  • Advanced Circuit Design: High-performance components increase efficiency and longevity, ensuring reliable performance and extending battery life.
  • High EMC Margin Performance: Guarantees excellent quality for personal and professional use.
  • User Convenience: A simple 3-stage charging process with a dual-color LED indicator allows easy monitoring of charge status, changing from red to green when fully charged.

Our 12.6V lithium battery chargers are designed for superior functionality and safety, making them perfect for personal or professional use. With multiple amperage options, users can find the perfect charger to meet their specific needs.
In summary, as China's top manufacturer of high-quality 12.6V lithium battery chargers, we deliver products that excel in safety, performance, and longevity. Our chargers, equipped with advanced features and user-friendly design, set a new industry standard for reliable and efficient low-power battery pack charging solutions.
Frequently exported 12.6V lithium charger models include:
12.6V 0.5A charger, 12.6V 1A charger, 12.6V 1.5A charger, 12.6V 1.8A charger.
12.6V 2A charger, 12.6V 2.5A charger, 12.6V 3A charger, 12.6V 4A charger.
12.6V 5A charger, 12.6V 6A charger, 12.6V 7A charger.
12V 10A lithium battery charger, 12V 15A lithium battery charger, 12V 20A lithium battery charger.
If you cannot find the model you need on the website, please contact our engineers.

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