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  • Interchangeable plug 4S 14.8V lithium ion battery universal 16.8V 1A charger
Interchangeable plug 4S 14.8V lithium ion battery universal 16.8V 1A charger

Interchangeable plug 4S 14.8V lithium ion battery universal 16.8V 1A charger

Multiple plug 16.8V 1A Charger

Henryuan's 16.8V 1A Lithium-Ion Battery Chargers: Certified, Reliable, and Versatile

Product Description

Henryuan offers a top-tier 16.8V 1A charger for 4S 14.8V lithium-ion batteries, designed to meet global safety standards and ensure fast, safe charging. Our chargers are certified by leading safety organizations, including UL, ETL, cUL, FCC, CE, GS, UKCA, SAA, PSE, and CCC. With interchangeable plugs for AU, EU, UK, US, JP, and CN, this charger is perfect for a wide range of applications across different regions.

Versatile Applications

Henryuan’s 16.8V chargers are ideal for a variety of uses, including:
  • Power Tools: Reliable charging for professional and DIY tools.
  • Educational Robots: Safe and efficient power for learning and development.
  • Electric Toys and Flashlights: Ensuring continuous fun and functionality.
  • Diving Lamps and GPS Modules: Essential for outdoor and underwater adventures.
  • Respirators: Providing critical power in healthcare settings.

Key Features and Specifications

1. Comprehensive Safety Certifications

Our 16.8V 1A chargers are fully certified by:
  • UL, ETL, cUL, FCC: Ensuring compliance with North American safety standards.
  • CE, UKCA: Meeting European and UK safety and performance requirements.
  • PSE, SAA, CCC: Certified for use in Japan, Australia, and China.
  • KC, GS: Approved for South Korean and German markets.

2. Input Specifications

  • Voltage Range: 90V to 264V AC, adaptable for global use.
  • Rated Voltage: 100V to 240V AC.
  • Frequency: 47Hz to 63Hz.
  • Current: 0.6A.
  • Inrush Current: 35A, designed to handle power surges effectively.

3. Output Specifications

Equipped with interchangeable plugs US, JP, EU, UK, AU, CN, KR, AR, BR, ZA, our 16.8V 1A charger is versatile and easy to use worldwide. The LED indicator provides real-time charging status:

  • Red LED: Indicates charging is in progress.
  • Green LED: Signals that the battery is fully charged.


Charging Stage

LED Indicator





Constant Current




Constant Voltage




Trickle Current

LED turn red to green when charging current below 0.2A

4. Advanced Charging Curve

Our chargers maintain a stable output, ensuring efficient and reliable charging for your lithium-ion batteries. 
  • Constant Current: 1A, voltage 10V - 16.8V, LED red.
  • Constant Voltage: 16.8V, current 1A to 0.2A, LED red.
  • Trickle Current: 0.2A to 0, LED green.

interchangeable plug 16.8V 1A charger

5. Protection Mechanisms

To ensure the safety and longevity of your devices, our chargers feature:

  • Over-Current Protection: Prevents excessive current flow.
  • Over-Voltage Protection: Guards against voltage spikes.
  • Short-Circuit Protection: Automatically cuts off in case of a short circuit.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: Prevents damage from incorrect battery connection.

6. Quality Assurance

  • 1. Experienced Sales Engineers: Our team, with over a decade of industry experience, understands your specific needs.
  • 2. Rigorous Supplier Selection: Only the highest quality materials are chosen.
  • 3. Strict Inspection Processes: Comprehensive checks ensure all materials meet our standards.
  • 4. Expert Engineers: With over 20 years in material solution design, our engineers are highly skilled.
  • 5. Skilled Production Staff: Using advanced equipment, our staff maintain high production quality.
  • 6. Full Load Aging Testing: Each charger undergoes up to 4 hours of rigorous testing under full load conditions.
  • 7. Comprehensive After-Sales Support: We offer fast and effective analysis, feedback, and resolution within 48 hours.

About Henryuan Group

With over 13 years in the industry, Henryuan Group is a leader in the production and R&D of 16.8V lithium battery chargers. Our multiple plug 16.8V 1A chargers are renowned for their high performance and safety, making them a preferred choice worldwide. We export to major markets including the Americas, Europe, the UK, Australia, and Asia, holding a significant share in each.

Explore Our 16.8V Lithium Battery Charger Full Range

In addition to our 16.8V 1A chargers, we offer a broad range of models including 0.5A, 1A, 1.5A, 2A, 2.5A, 3A, 3.5A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 10A,15A and 20A options to meet diverse charging needs.

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