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  • 18W AV 9V DC 2A Amp Universal switching power supply DC adapter
18W AV 9V DC 2A Amp Universal switching power supply DC adapter

18W AV 9V DC 2A Amp Universal switching power supply DC adapter

DC 9V 2A adapter

Henryuan AV 18W 9V 2A Switching Power Supply DC Adapter

Product Description:

The Henryuan 18W 9V 2A switching power supply DC adapter is a top-tier universal AC adapter, designed to provide reliable performance and efficiency. Certified by UL, cUL, FCC, CE, GS, SAA, and PSE, this adapter meets DOE Level VI efficiency standards.
With advanced power schemes and multiple protection mechanisms, high quality performance with low ripple, it's ideal for powering AV devices and other 9V powered equipments.

Global Versions for Countries:

US Wall Plug Adapter: Model HRY0902000US

UK Wall Plug Adapter: Model HRY0902000UK

EU Wall Plug Adapter: Model HRY0902000EU

JP Wall Plug Adapter: Model HRY0902000JP

AU Wall Plug Adapter: Model HRY0902000AU

Interchangeable Plug 9V 2A Power Adapter: HRY0902000

All models output: 9V 2A, 18W

Key Features:

  • Certifications: UL, ETL, cUL, FCC, PSE, CE, EMC, LVD, UKCA, SAA, KC, CCC, RoHS
  • Compliance with IEC standards: 60950, 62368, 61558, 60335
  • Efficiency: DOE Level VI

Input Specifications:

  • Voltage: 90-264Vac (rated 100-240Vac)
  • Frequency: 47-63Hz
  • Current: 0.6A
  • Inrush Current: 35A

Output Specifications:

Power Supply: DC 9V Power Adapter 18W 9V 2A

Output Voltage: 9V (±5%)

Max Load: 2A







Output Voltage




Output Current



Protection Features:

  • Overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, and hiccup protection

Variety Of Connectors Supported:
Output Connectors
Quality Assurance:

  • Experienced sales engineers and rigorous supplier selection
  • Strict material inspection and advanced production testing
  • 100% aging test for up to 4 hours at full load
  • Efficient after-sales support with a 48-hour resolution system

Company Profile:

With over 13 years of expertise, Henryuan Group leads in switching power supply production and R&D.
Our 9V 2A adapters are renowned for performance and safety, serving markets across the Americas, Europe, Australia, and other countries and districts.
These adapters feature excellent EMI performance and low ripple, suitable for diverse applications. Henryuan's engineers are adept at meeting both standard and custom requirements.

For more information, talk with Henryuan Group.

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