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The Electric Golf trolley maximizes the liberation of players' hands.Electric golf trolleys have several advantages, including:

Convenience: Electric golf trolleys make it easier for golfers to transport their clubs and other equipment around the course without having to carry them manually.

Reduced physical strain: Using an electric trolley can help golfers avoid the physical strain of carrying a heavy golf bag, which can lead to fatigue and potential injury.

Improved performance: By reducing the physical exertion required to move around the course, electric trolleys can help golfers maintain their energy levels and focus on their game, potentially leading to improved performance

Electric golf trolleys commonly use lead-acid, lithium-ion batteries or LiFePO4 batteries. The voltage and capacity of these batteries can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer of the trolley. Here are the typical specifications for each type of battery:

Lead-acid batteries: 12V 24V 28.8V and 36V.

Lithium-ion batteries: 12V 24V and 36V.

LiFePO4 batteries: 12V 24V

Capacity range from 18AH to 36AH.

Some of the electric Golf trolley manufacturers: Motocaddy, PowaKaddy, Stewart Golf,MGI Golf, Foresight Sports, CaddyTrek, Stewart Golf etc.

Henryuan battery chargers for the electric Golf trolleys, possess a significant market share in the golf trolley charger market. They have the UL, cUL, PSE, CE, UKCA, SAA, GS, KC, CCC certificates. We provide chargers for multiple electric golf trolley manufacturers and export our products to countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan.etc

Common electric golf trolley chargers:

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