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  • Portable Efficient 28V 12A Switching Power Supply 28Vdc AC DC Adapter
Portable Efficient 28V 12A Switching Power Supply 28Vdc AC DC Adapter

Portable Efficient 28V 12A Switching Power Supply 28Vdc AC DC Adapter

24V 12A  power adapter

Henryuan 336W 28V 12A AC/DC Switching Power Supply | Certified & Reliable PSU

Henryuan high quality 28V switching power supply 336W 28V 12A AC/DC Adapter, the advanced switching power supply with high efficiency designed for a wide range of applications. It has industry-leading certifications and cutting-edge design, this 28V 12A  power supply unit (PSU) is built for safety, reliability, and performance, reliable output, efficient and low ripple noise.

Key Features:

1. Certifications and Compliance:

  • International Safety Standards: Our power supplies are rigorously tested and certified to meet global safety standards including ETL, UL, cUL, FCC, PSE, CE EMC, LVD, UKCA, SAA, KC, and CCC.

2. Input Specifications:

  • Wide Voltage Range: Operates efficiently within an input range of 90Vac to 264Vac, with a rated input of 100Vac to 240Vac.
  • Frequency and Current: Handles input frequencies between 47Hz and 63Hz with a maximum input current of 5A and inrush current up to 60A.
  • Connector Options: IEC320-C14 3pin AC inlet

3. Output Specifications:

  • Model: 28V 12A switching power supply
  • Stable Voltage and Current: Provides a consistent output voltage of 28V (with a tolerance of ±5%), supporting a current range from 0 to 12A.
  • Power Capacity: Delivers up to 336W of power, can support large peak current, ideal for demanding applications.
  • LED Indicator: Equipped with an LED indicator for easy monitoring of the power status.







Output Voltage




Output Current





4. Protection Mechanisms:

  • Comprehensive Protection: Includes overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, and hiccup protection to safeguard your devices and ensure reliable operation.

5. Quality Assurance and Reliability:

  • Experienced Team: Our sales engineers, with over a decade of experience, provide precise understanding and solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Strict Quality Control: From raw material selection to production, our rigorous inspection processes ensure superior product quality.
  • Advanced Testing: Each unit undergoes a 100% full-load aging test for up to 4 hours, guaranteeing reliability and longevity.
  • Responsive Support: Our comprehensive after-sales system promises timely analysis, feedback, and resolution within 48 hours.

6. Versatile Applications:

Wide Range of Uses: Suitable for powering automation, lighting, telecommunications, medical, consumer electronics, home appliances, renewable energy, 3D printing, and test and measurement equipment.
Global Reach: Our products are trusted by customers in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and beyond, reflecting our strong market presence.

About Henryuan Group:

switching power supply production equipments
With over 13 years of experience in the production and R&D of high quality switching power supplies, Henryuan Group stands at the forefront of this industry. We are committed to delivering high quality and reasonable price power solutions that meet the diverse needs of our global clientele. Our product range includes various models of 28V switching power supplies, from 0.3A to 15A, ensuring we have the right solution for your specific requirements.

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For a efficient, low ripple noise, and stable power delivery 28V 12A switching power supply, contact our knowledgeable sales engineers at Henryuan. We are ready to assist you with both existing products and custom development projects to perfectly match your needs.
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